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  • Get Paid Faster - Payment Protect Tax Returns

    Client Web Portal

    Patent Pending technology gives your firm the option to require payment before clients are permitted to access their document. Once payment is made the document is automatically unlocked for your clients to access, download or share at their convenience and as often as they like, freeing you and your staff to focus on other activities.

  • Document Management - Client Portal - One Solution

    Record Retention Compliance

    Locate documents easily and intuitively without learning a complicated hierarchy organizational method or adhere to complicated document naming rules. Easily transfer and archive Quickbooks files. Stay compliant with our easy to use Document Retention Policy Manager.

  • Secure Share with Third Parties

    Tired of Emailing tax returns to mortgage companies?

    Protecting your clients confidential identity is important to you - and it's important to them. Share a secure link instead of emailing. Securely share tax documents with third parties without having to set up passwords. Rest easy knowing that you are compliant and your clients can securely share documents on their own time, not yours. Clients can control access and get notified once files have been successfully delivered.

  • Tired of chasing and reminding clients for missing info?

    Request Bridge is the solution

    Request Bridge notifies and automatically reminds your clients via email or text every few days of missing items that you need to collect in order to finish their work. Set one time requests or schedule recurring reminders throughout the year. Request Bridge automates much of your busy work so you can focus on growing your practice and serving your clients.

  • 7216 Compliance

    Automate Consent to Use and Consent to Disclose

    The first and only automated 7216 compliance generator. This optional feature automates the gathering of the IRS required Consent to Use and Consent to Disclose forms. The system creates custom forms you can either give to your clients or include e-forms in the client portal sign up.

  • Complete Tax Software Integration

    Upload without Exit

    Easily integrate your tax software to create a paperless office. Our "Send to 1040Bridge" virtual printer installs as a PDF printer on your desktop. Easily print, send and notify clients of completed tax returns without having to exit your tax software. We've partnered with Fujitsu Scan Snap to enable one button scanning directly into 1040Bridge - Gone are the days of hunting for files in your windows file folders to find the correct document.

  • Is it Secure? Are my files backed up?

    Insert Technical Buzzword Here

    Let's face it, we could easily list an alphabet soup of buzzwords and technical phrases to put your mind at ease. We hear you- we own a tax practice too. You just want to know that files are safe and your firm is compliant. To start, we use enterprise grade to scan our web traffic, handle our firewalls, and keep the bad guys out of the application. continuously orchestrates layered access control, vulnerability management, compromise prevention, compliance monitoring, and security intelligence collection of all our servers. Okay - so that was a bit technical but you get the idea. There is also a long list of other solutions and techniques we employ including hiring ethical hackers to expose any loop holes and insure best practices are followed.

“simply the most effective way to send and store tax returns.”

Pascal Workflow

1040Bridge is excited to announce that we are rebranding to Pascal Workflow. Pascal Workflow is a complete practice management and workflow solution. All of the features inside 1040Bridge are available inside Pascal Workflow. During tax season 2016 Pascal Workflow will be completely free during our Beta Release.

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